How it Works

Accessing the App

Sing Your Part is currently available as a free web app and as an iOS app. Click the button below to view both options.

Church selection and “This Week”

When you open the app for the first time, you will be prompted to select which church you attend. Once you have done this, you will be directed to the “This Week” page. Each week, as your music leader updates the page, you will see the songs that you need to practice for the following Sunday.

Song View

Once you’ve selected a song, you will be presented with the song practice page. Press play to hear the song, and adjust the four sliders to increase or decrease the volume of the soprano/alto/tenor/bass parts. Adjust the tempo slider so that the music plays at a comfortable speed, and gradually move the tempo up as you become more familiar with the music. Select the pdf view button to see the sheet music and sing the text. Select the info button to view additional song information.

Library and Search

Select the book icon to view the song library and search. All available hymnals are listed alphabetically; selecting one will display the hymnal’s contents in order. Select the search bar at the top of the screen to search for a song. Type specific words or sections of a song’s title, or type a song’s number.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there Plans for an Android App?
    Yes, we plan to release Sing Your Part for Android. In the interim, the web app can still be accessed through your internet browser and can be set on your Android’s home screen. Click here to access it.

  • What’s up with all the missing songs from the hymnals?
    For any music written in the past handful of decades, copyright laws are in place. We’re navigating those waters right now and hope to have every song available as soon as possible.


  • Can I share playlists with my family?
    We’re actively looking at adding features to support this. Stay tuned for future updates!
  • Why can’t I see my church’s music this week?
    If your “This Week” page is blank, it is likely because it hasn’t been updated yet. Reach out to your music leader to get more details on which songs to practice for next Sunday.


  • How do I get my church on board?
    Email us! We’ll send you instructions for getting your church set up on Sing Your Part and for updating the weekly song selection.


  • What if Sing Your Part doesn’t have the hymnal that I use?
    We would love to add your hymnal. Send us an email and we can talk about next steps.