Our Mission

Thousands of Christians are moving away from contemporary-style worship music and are reviving traditional hymn and psalm singing. However, many are not equipped with music training, and this makes learning and singing traditional worship music extremely difficult.

This is why Sing Your Part exists: to help Christians learn their parts in hymns.

Sing Your Part is an app which uses an intuitive part-learning tool to teach you your part; it serves as a one-of-a-kind help to Christians learning four-part psalm and hymn singing.

Our Vision

Sing Your Part has a simple long–term vision:

that Christians across the world will know their parts in four-part worship music.

This will be accomplished by faithful Christians, families, congregations learning to sing well, to God’s glory. Sing Your Part exists to help bring this about.

Our Story

Meet our founder and lead developer, Michael Hewitt

Sing Your Part was born out of necessity. Michael Hewitt spent most of his life in churches that employed contemporary, popular Christian worship music. He and his family began attending a new church, and for the first time, they sung out of hymnals each week. Michael quickly realized that he was lost when it came to singing traditional psalms and hymns. He saw that it was important to worship God through skillful singing, and he wanted to be able to lead his own family worship well; the challenging musical style of hymns and psalms made this task difficult.
Michael knew that he wasn’t the only person in this position, so he created a solution: Sing Your Part. Rather than approach singing with a pedagogical, music-theory-heavy model, Sing Your Part is an app which uses a simple tool to encourage music memorization and auditory learning. Michael has watched his own ability to sing parts grow substantially, and now, thousands of Christians have been helped by Sing Your Part similarly.

Support Us

Have you been helped by Sing Your Part? Consider supporting us! We are always seeking to improve Sing Your Part by adding new music and features. Your generosity fuels our efforts.